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7 Top Tips to Engage and Motivate your Employees

People are motivated by different things and, ultimately motivation comes from within. There are, however several techniques you can employ to encourage and support employees which, in turn, helps keep them motivated and maintains strong employee/employer relations:

1)  Set goals so staff can see what they are working towards. Let them see the bigger picture.

2)  Communicate – keep people informed and they will feel valued.

3)  Delegate – give people responsibility and allow then to work to their strengths.

4)  Provide a pleasant working environment – e.g. space to work, good lighting, and access to fresh air. Good surroundings contribute to positive wellbeing.

5)  Give recognition – there are many ways to do this such as a company-wide email, personal phone call or mention in a meeting. You can even offer tangible rewards such as vouchers, extra holiday or a bonus, if this works for your business.

6)  Provide opportunities for career development. Give employees something to strive for.

7)  And lastly, offer the opportunity for training and development. A common misconception is people will take the training then leave the business however if you give them the chance to learn and achieve whilst at work and they are more likely to value you as an employer and remain loyal.

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