A Secure Future for Leapfrog Delegates

Unemployed individuals from Bishop Auckland have recently been handed a future in the security industry, thanks to a joint initiative by Amacus and Vinovium Associates.

Having managed large scale events and venues in the North East for over 20 years, Vinovium have gone from strength to strength, meaning they had an ideal opportunity to expand their work force – a challenge which Amacus staff were all too happy to accept.

Continued collaborative work between Amacus and Bishop Auckland Job Centre ensured that the right candidates were chosen for security based training, in hope that some of them would end up working for the organisation.

A raft of detailed modules including self-assessment, risk assessment and fire safety were also included in the 4 week programme, which was delivered in 2 parts – by both Amacus and ILM Associates – who specialise in security and CCTV training.

Speaking of the joint initiative, Amacus Managing Director Christine Hall said;

‘’Amacus are committed to supporting great people to achieve great results and this unique initiative has most certainly contributed to that vision.’’

‘‘The approach of positive collaboration with our partners Job Centre Plus & Vinovium Associates has produced excellent results and we are delighted to see a high percentage of individuals securing employment and moving on positively with their lives as a result of this approach.’’

Vinovium Associates Director Michael Hole was absolutely delighted with the results.

‘‘We’re absolutely over the moon with this initiative.’’ He said.

‘‘It’s a unique project which has been a great success. We were looking for smart, reliable, keen individuals with a willingness to learn, and we believe we’ve got that now.’’

These sentiments were echoed by Brian Dawson of ILM, who had first-hand knowledge of each individual on the programme, having trained the delegates during the SIA licenced qualification module.

We spoke to ILM Associates Director, Ian Robinson, who said;

‘‘Our company was only too happy to work with Amacus and Vinovium as we have a mutual passion for helping the unemployed in to employment within the private security industry.’’

‘‘On a personal level, I am proud to have been involved in the teaching process. The group have really shone and I can see them going far.’’

Uniquely, all delegates who attended the programme were offered the opportunity of interview with Vinovium at the end of their studies, with a guaranteed job on offer for those who impressed the panel.

John Latcham and Victoria Louise Stoker are just two of those who were successful.

John, who left school at 15 after being bullied, dipped in and out of work for years due to anxiety and depression, but is now a willing individual who is determined to succeed.

‘‘I’ve always wanted a job in security, so when the offer of training came up, I jumped at the chance.’’ He said.

‘‘Now I’ve been given this opportunity, I’m going to give 110%.’’

26 year old Victoria is another who has always been enthusiastic about working within the security sector, but for different reasons.

‘‘Ever since my son was born, I’ve always been his security blanket.’’ She said.

‘‘Wanting to take care of people and ensure they are OK is now in my blood, so I’m hoping my new career in security can lead me on a new, exciting path.’’

Vinovium have confirmed that John and Victoria (as well as other successful candidates), will start working at the stunning Auckland Castle, where they will develop their skills in the trade and learn from current staff and employees.

Their official SIA licences will also be awarded in due course.