Amacus helps Automotive Specialist Accelerate Growth

Amacus is working with North East global automotive supplier, ElringKlinger, on an ambitious development programme to upskill its entire workforce over the next three years, ahead of company expansion.

The company is investing almost £800,000 in skills and training for 270 staff at its Redcar factory in preparation for growth, expected to double the size of the business over the next five years.

Strategic partners, Amacus, specialists in leadership and management training, and Gateshead College, have developed a bespoke training programme, being delivered during a crucial period of growth for the company.

The work-based programme includes Institute of Leadership and Management qualifications, Senior Operatives bespoke programme and Performing Manufacturing apprenticeships, currently being delivered to 61 ElringKlinger employees as part of the 18-month upskilling programme.

Ian Malcolm, managing director at ElringKlinger said: “Amacus and Gateshead College have been excellent in delivering the bespoke training programme as we embark on the company-wide programme to upskill all of our staff.

“The courses were designed in such a way that we could deliver them on-site meaning completion of such a large-scale training project can be done without impacting hugely on the daily operation of the business.

“Having a workforce with up-to-date skills not only helps us to remain strong and competitive but it also provides encouragement and improves staff morale, which is another important factor in maintaining a productive workforce. We’re already seeing a positive impact.”

Christine Hall, Managing Director at Amacus Ltd added: ‘By adopting such a comprehensive training programme, Elring Klinger are demonstrating how much value they place in people development by making such an investment in their employees and the company’s future.  Amacus worked closely with Gateshead College to develop a training programme which meets their business needs and key objectives, while making sure the course is flexible enough to keep up with the latest techniques in managing people and advances in the automotive industry.

“ElringKlinger is a prime example of how we want to engage with businesses to create learning and workforce development packages that are focused on what skills they need now but also in the future.”

Zac Aldridge, assistant principal, curriculum Gateshead College, added: “The North East has a reputation for excellence in the automotive industry and we’re committed to making sure that continues through providing the highest quality, skilled workers for the sector.

We have designed and customised these programmes to meet the very specific requirements of ElringKlinger and we pride ourselves on being able to provide such bespoke solutions.”

The programmes minimised production downtime and includes individual employee learning, assessment of assignments and developmental goals for apprentices. The courses will also see participants complete safety compliance and industry specific modules, easily adapted to meet the changing operational needs of the business.

For more information about how Amacus can support your business please contact Sarah Ainslie, Business Development Manager – or 01429 890071