Unionlearn is the learning and skills organisation of the TUC. Unionlearn works to assist unions in the delivery of learning opportunities for their members as well as managing the £15 million Union Learning Fund (ULF).

Amacus has formed a highly successful working relationship with Unionlearn in support of the regional Higher Level Skills Project. This has delivered several opportunities for Amacus to provide higher level development in the form of our Chartered Management Institute Level 5 Diploma in Management & Leadership to employees from public sector organisations across the North East of England.

 Some of the notable examples include:

 Department of Work & Pensions

The DWP is responsible for welfare and pension policy and is the biggest public service delivery department in the UK serving 20 million customers.

Amacus are now supporting a second cohort of employees from the organisations Tyne View Park site in Newcastle to achieve the CMI Level 5 Diploma. In total 19 delegates benefiting from this support to date, with all employees completing the programme so far successfully achieving the qualification. The ongoing support of this programme meaning that Amacus are hopeful of attracting a third cohort of delegates in 2012.

Gateshead Council

This local authority employs 9,500 across a diverse range of occupations across 400 sites, offering mainstream council services such as waste collection, libraries, education and social services. The council also owns Arms Length Management Organisation (ALMO) ‘The Gateshead Housing Company’ who manage over 22,000 homes across the Borough.

Starting in June 2012, a cohort of 12 employees from across both organisations will be working towards achievement of the CMI Level 5 Diploma. All delegates completing their programme with Amacus in March 2013.


Working in collaboration with Unionlearn and Union Learning Representatives at HMRC, Amacus promoted the CMI Level 5 Diploma offer to all employees at Waterview Park in Washington.

As a result 9 HMRC employees signed up to the programme, starting their development in October 2011with the programme due to finish in August 2012.